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Real Wood Engineered Click Wood Flooring

Hdf Oak / Acacia Click wood flooring. Each board has a micro bevel along the lengths of the boards to accentuate each plank. The structure of the board is made up from a 2.5 mm top layer of real oak or Acacia and a 7.5 mm HDF backing. The click wood flooring system is fast due to a drop click system at the ends of each plank making it easy to install.

Click Engineered Wood Flooring

Click fitting engineered flooring provides a quicker and easier installation method.  The flooring has been manufactured with a specially designed click and lock system. Therefore the planks simply click together for a tight and seamless join without the need for adhesive, nails or screws..

Style: Plank
Edge: Micro bevelled edges
Sustainable wood: Yes


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December 31, 1899January 1, 1970   
CodeHDF Click GradeQuantity M²/boxes1-3 Pallet £ Price/M²
WWF-H12110/2.5 x 127mm x 300-1200mm Lacquered Oak HDF Click SystemClassic2.438422.99
WWF-H12310/2.5 x 127mm x 300-1200mm Brushed & Lacquered Oak HDF Click SystemClassic2.438423.49
WWF-H12610/2.5 x 127mm x 300-1200mm Smoky Brushed & Lacquered Oak HDF Click Classic2.438424.99
WWF-H12710/2.5 x 127mm x 300-1200mm Brushed Brown & Lacquered Oak HDF Click Classic2.438424.99
WWF-H12A10/2.5 x 121mm x 910mm Walnut Stained Acacia Lacquered HDF Click SystemClassic2.202224.99
WWF-H12810/2.5 x 127mm x 300-1200mm Golden Handscraped Lacquered Oak HDF Click SystemClassic2.438424.99
WWF-H12910/2.5 x 127mm x 300-1200mm Brushed White/Cream & Lac. Oak HDF Click SystermClassic2.438424.49


The wood floor clicks together easily by pushing a new board into a laid board at 30 degrees. Pushing down with a click, the ends match best with a drop click, working from right to left.

The main way of laying this floor is by floating it on suitable underlay over a flat subfloor. Always read the fitting instructions and care plan before fitting.


Hdf Oak or Acacia Engineered Click Wood Flooring Grading

Prime/A.B. Grade Wood Flooring is a mix of A.B grade please see list below

Classic Grade Wood Flooring is mill run grade which is  a mix of B.C.D grade with small proportion of A grade.

Country Grade Wood Flooring is a mix of CDE grade

Antique distressed Grade Wood Flooring is a mix of DEF

Grades A-F described
A—without knots and sapwood, uniform colour, sometimes small knots up to max.2mm allowed.
B—with knots up to max.2-4mm, no sapwood, harmonic-natural colour;
C—with knots up to max.6 cm, sapwood max 15%, natural colour;
D—with knots up to 8cm, and max.30% sapwood, allow a wide range of colour variation.
E — with knots up to 10cm, allow cracks up to 30cm in the middle of the boards (max 5mm wide) and end cracks max 25cm (max 8mm wide), allow a wider range of colour variation
F — with crack less than 15-20mm wide in the middle of the boards, longest crack shorter than 80%of the board length

Underfloor Heating

This board is not guaranteed over electric or water fed underfloor heating.