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Hand Scraped Engineered Oak

Hand-scraped engineered oak has a softly undulating surface to copy the look of wood flooring before sanding machines where invented, Lacquered, oiled finishes available

Golden Hand Scraped Lacquered Oak wood flooring. Each board has a micro bevel along the lengths of the boards to accentuate each plank. The structure of the board is made up from a 2.5 mm top layer of real oak and a 7.5 mm HDF backing.

You are looking at the highest quality and naturally occurring golden brown oak wood engineered flooring. Along with a rustic hand-scraped that looks like a piece of wilderness in your home.  This is one of the best-selling products in this category. That not looks great in the lounge but the hallway as well. Ultimately offering a statement of pure luxury for your home.

Style: Plank
Edge: Micro Bevelled Edges
Sustainable wood: Yes

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The boards are 127 mm wide Lacquered oak engineered wood flooring click system 10mm thickness with 7.5mm HDF backing and 2.5mm oak top the boards come in random lengths 300mm – 1200mm.

Pack size is 2.4384 meter squared

Pack Weight 18 kg

Hand Scraped Oak    
CodeEngineered Hand Scraped OakGradeQuantity M²/boxes1-3 Pallet Price/M²
WWF-1498C14/3 x 190mm x RL Engineered Multiply Golden Handscraped Lacquered Oak ClickClassic2.827227.49
WWF-E159815/4 x 190mm x 1900mm Golden Handscraped & Lacquered OakAB/CD2.16633.99
WWF-182818/5 x 125mm x Random Lengths Golden Handscraped & Lacquered OakClassic2.230.99
WWF-185818/5 x 150mm x Random Lengths Golden Handscraped & Lacquered OakAB/CD1.0829.99
WWF-2063820/6 x 180mm x 1900mm Deep Brushed & Golden Handscraped Lac Oak Eng MultiplyAB/CD1.82444.99
WWF-2099G20/6 x 190mm x 1900mm Engineered Multiply Handscraped Golden Oiled OakClassic1.80539.99
WWF-2099F20/6 x 190mm x 1900mm Engineered Multiply Handscraped Coffee Oiled OakClassic1.80537.49
WWF-2063820/6 x 220 x 1900mm Smoked Brushed & White Handscraped Oiled Oak Engineered MultiplyAB/CD1.6751.99


The wood floor easily clicks together by pushing the new boards into the laid board at 30 degrees and pushing down with a click the ends match with a drop click working best working from right to left.

The main way of laying this floor is by floating it on suitable underlay over a flat subfloor. Always read the fitting instructions and care plan before fitting.


The grade of this board is D Rustic

Grade A (Prime) – Very few knots, more consistent in colour.

Grade B (Select) – Small knots allowed, more variation in colour.

Grade C (Character) – Larger and more frequent knots, more colour variation allowed.

Grade D (Rustic) – No limit to amount of knots or colour variation

Mixed Grade – A combination of the above grades.


Underfloor Heating

This board is not guaranteed over electric or water fed under floor heating.