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Dark Lacquered Acacia HDF Engineered Click

Engineered Walnut Stained Acacia Click System
Dark Lacquered Acacia HDF Engineered Click wood flooring. Each board has a micro bevel along the lengths of the boards to accentuate each plank. The structure of the board is made up from a 2.5 mm top layer of real oak and a 7.5 mm HDF backing.  This Acacia Walnut deluxe floor brings the natural look of hardwood into your home. It doesn’t matter if your floor is a bit traditional or modern or a mix of both. This charming Acacia Walnut flooring shines in any decor setting. This floors durable Acacia planks will look right at home could make any space feel bigger. The warm reddish-brown tones complement the antique character of, which will make an outstanding feature in any interior.
Style: Plank
Edge: Micro Bevelled Edges
Sustainable wood: Yes
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The boards are 125 mm wide Lacquered oak engineered wood flooring click system 10mm thickness with 7.5mm HDF backing and 2.5mm oak top the boards come in random lengths 300mm – 1200mm.

Pack size is 1.8 meter squared

Pack Weight 18 kg



The wood floor easily clicks together by pushing the new boards into the laid board at 30 degrees and pushing down with a click the ends match with a drop click working best working from right to left.

The main way of laying this floor is by floating it on suitable underlay over a flat subfloor. Always read the fitting instructions and care plan before fitting.


The grade of this board is D Rustic

Grade A (Prime) – Very few knots, more consistent in colour.

Grade B (Select) – Small knots allowed, more variation in colour.

Grade C (Character) – Larger and more frequent knots, more colour variation allowed.

Grade D (Rustic) – No limit to amount of knots or colour variation

Mixed Grade – A combination of the above grades.


Underfloor Heating

This board is not guaranteed over electric or water fed under floor heating.