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Invisible Finish Oak Wood Flooring

Invisible Finish Oak Wood Flooring has become more requested over the last few years, the light oak look reminiscent of Scandinavian design. can be created in a number of ways, from using hardwax oil with white pigments in them like Osmo Raw & Fiddes oak lightening oil to matt finished lacquers. We sell these engineered oak boards in wide Italian board and thicknesses of 14mm 15mm and 20mm boards and in 190mm and 242mm widths of board, we also sell the same finish in out Herringbone selection.

Style: Plank
Edge: Micro bevelled edges
Sustainable wood: Yes


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HDF Oak & Acacia Click    
CodeHDF Click GradeQuantity M²/boxes1-3 Pallet £ Price/M²
WWF-H12310/2.5 x 127mm x 300-1200mm Brushed & Lacquered Oak HDF Click SystemClassic2.438423.49
WWF-H12610/2.5 x 127mm x 300-1200mm Smoky Brushed & Lacquered Oak HDF Click Classic2.438424.99
WWF-H12710/2.5 x 127mm x 300-1200mm Brushed Brown & Lacquered Oak HDF Click Classic2.438424.99
WWF-H12A10/2.5 x 121mm x 910mm Walnut Stained Acacia Lacquered HDF Click SystemClassic2.202224.99
WWF-H12810/2.5 x 127mm x 300-1200mm Golden Handscraped Lacquered Oak HDF Click SystemClassic2.438424.99


The wood floor clicks together easily by pushing a new board into a laid board at 30 degrees. Pushing down with a click, the ends match best with a drop click, working from right to left.

The main way of laying this floor is by floating it on suitable underlay over a flat subfloor. Always read the fitting instructions and care plan before fitting.


Hdf Oak or Acacia Engineered Click Wood Flooring Grading

Prime/A.B. Grade Wood Flooring is a mix of A.B grade please see list below

Classic Grade Wood Flooring is mill run grade which is  a mix of B.C.D grade with small proportion of A grade.

Country Grade Wood Flooring is a mix of CDE grade

Antique distressed Grade Wood Flooring is a mix of DEF

Grades A-F described
A—without knots and sapwood, uniform colour, sometimes small knots up to max.2mm allowed.
B—with knots up to max.2-4mm, no sapwood, harmonic-natural colour;
C—with knots up to max.6 cm, sapwood max 15%, natural colour;
D—with knots up to 8cm, and max.30% sapwood, allow a wide range of colour variation.
E — with knots up to 10cm, allow cracks up to 30cm in the middle of the boards (max 5mm wide) and end cracks max 25cm (max 8mm wide), allow a wider range of colour variation
F — with crack less than 15-20mm wide in the middle of the boards, longest crack shorter than 80%of the board length

Underfloor Heating

This board is not guaranteed over electric or water fed underfloor heating.