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Sustainable wood flooring suppliers for merchants

As an integral part of the construction industry, we at Wholesale Wood Flooring wanted to ensure we were fully armed with the right information to conduct our business. That being the most ecological and environmentally-friendly way with sustainable wood flooring

We wanted up to date information on UK climate laws, supplying from sustainable sources, energy, carbon, waste, biodiversity and water. We wanted to make sure we not only have the knowledge but were qualified to understand it. Furthermore to show our stakeholders we do apply the principles of sustainability.

We decided to embark on the courses delivered by the Supply Chain Sustainability School. You can find their site here. This is an award-winning training provider which is a collaboration within the construction industry. All between the partners and members who are all working together for a ‘sustainable built environment’. Whereby the construction industry shares their knowledge and teachings with each other.

What is the Supply Chain Sustainability School?

The School is completely FREE and allows you to access training in 5 different areas Sustainability, Offsite, BIM, Lean and Management and offers you the opportunity to attend our training and networking events, gain CPD points, complete a self assessment and get a bespoke action plan, complete e-learning modules and various training resources.

The School is an award winning industry wide collaboration, led by our Partners and Members whose Vision for the School is to be


The School covers all aspects of the built environment, and focuses on five main topics; sustainability, offsite, BIM, Lean construction and management. Beneath each topic are areas of interest where users can find resources at all skill levels.


We felt it was important to be part of this collaboration and work with the businesses who have the same values as us.

wood flooring suppliers for merchantsThe Supply Chain Sustainability School provided a wealth of resources including e-learning modules, webpages, documents. Also tools for our own strategic planning of sustainability actions and KPI’s. These resources helped us to gain an understanding on what the impact our business can have on the environment. Then finally the measures we can take to reduce this impact.

Sustainable Wood Flooring

The Supply School Chain initially did an assessment on our business and it then produced a bespoke action plan. One specifically for Wholesale Wood Flooring. Our initial action plan consisted of learning about Opportunities for UK businesses from Climate Change Adaptation. Then how the UK is preparing to adapt to climate change and reading how Morgan Sindall is committed to sustainability.

We also gained certificates of a 100% pass rate in each of the following.

  • The Introduction of Sustainable Construction.
  • Introduction to Water.
  • Introduction to Biodiversity.
  • Climate Change and Carbon.
  • Economy and Community.
  • Environmental Management.

We were awarded a bronze status for this.

We then proceeded to Silver status by learning.

  • Social Return on Investment.
  • Greenhouse Gas.
  • Compliance with environmental law.
  • Environmental impact of higher recycled content in construction project.
  • Climate impact tools.
  • Reclaimed building products and recyclability efficiency metric.

We are now working towards Gold status and looking forward to working with other businesses who hold the same values as ourselves.