The Benefits Of Installing Reclaimed Wood Flooring In Your Home

reclaimed wood flooring

Why We Love Reclaimed Wood Flooring

reclaimed wood flooring

Think of reclaimed wood and the first thoughts that spring to mind are conservation, preservation and above all, beauty. There something quite noble about taking an old material and transforming it into something useful, especially if it has an aesthetic appeal.

Add to that, concerns for the environment and the impact of using freshly harvested, virgin wood to decorate your home and it’s easy to understand why many home owners love reclaimed wood.

So what actually does ‘reclaimed wood’ mean? And why should you consider it for your flooring?

Here’s a brief guide to reclaimed wood flooring and the reasons why many people prefer to use it in their homes. Our you could try our distressed wood flooring.

What Is It?

Simply put, reclaimed wood is wood that is salvaged, recycled and reused to make something useful such as furniture, fireplace mantels or floorboards.

Reclaimed wood is usually taken from old houses, railroad ties, old barn sidings and disused factory beams. It can even come from storm-damaged, felled trees that would otherwise have been left to rot.

Instead of being incinerated or dumped in land fill sites, the wood is reclaimed and made into a beautiful and useful decorative feature.

Reclaimed wood flooring has the following benefits:


Re-using materials that would otherwise have been destroyed has many environmental benefits. Virgin forests are preserved rather than depleted and there’s as no felling is involved, less CO2 is used in reprocessing.

Using reclaimed wood also gives you the opportunity to use rarer woods that are no longer in commercial production, with a clear conscience.


reclaimed wood flooringBeauty

Reclaimed wood has knots and grains that you can’t find in newer woods. It has a unique and weathered beauty that is impossible to achieve with virgin wood. The more wood ages, the more appealing it becomes and even faults give it a beautiful quality that can add a timeless elegance and even value to your home.


Reclaimed wood flooring gives you a fascinating link to the past. Who knows what stories older wood could tell. Installing reclaimed wood flooring in your home means you are literally walking on a piece of history. Your floorboards may well have once been part of an old barn, railway or even a ship.

You also have the flexibility to change the look of your floors in the future by sanding them back, re-varnishing them in a different tone or waxing them to bring out the depth of colour in the grain.

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