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Trade Price Bespoke Chevron Flooring

Trade Price Bespoke Chevron Flooring

Save Money with Trade Price Bespoke Chevron Flooring

If you are thinking about investing in new flooring you will likely be preparing to be spend a significant amount of money.

If you are worried about the cost of your new floor, it is worth exploring opting for trade price wood flooring. Visit Wholesale Wood Flooring today to find great prices. 


Wholesale Wood Flooring offer customer’s great value flooring ranging from bespoke chevron flooring to engineered lacquered oak.

Trade Price Bespoke Chevron Flooring

Not to be confused with herringbone, Chevron flooring is a stunning way to add style and charm to your living space.

The chevron design is the ultimate in French chic and is now available in wooden blocks that are much easier to install than traditional individual blocks that make up parquet flooring.

The flanks of wood are laid down and held in place by adhesive and are just as easy to install as modern laminate flooring that has been popular for the last few years.

When you choose to buy trade price bespoke chevron flooring from Wholesale Wood Flooring, you can choose what style of wood you would like. How you want it to be laid and what colour you want it to be.

The fact that you can choose rather than take an ‘off-the-shelf’ floor, means that you can make your home truly unique.

Why Choose Real Wood?

Laminate flooring is a very popular choice for homeowners throughout the UK and, for many people, carpets are still popular in certain parts of the home. While both do a great job and are relatively inexpensive, real wood flooring offers many benefits.

Some of the benefits of real wood flooring include:

  • Easier to install than you may think
  • East to clean
  • Will stay looking like new for many years
  • Looks classy
  • Hardwearing
  • Durable
  • A good real wood floor can add value to property
  • You can opt for a bespoke design that will make your house stand out from the rest
  • Friendly to the environment as you will not need to replace it on a regular basis

Why Use Trade?


Trade price bespoke chevron flooring companies can offer truly competitive prices as they will trade with various firms across the world in order to get you the best deal. You can trust that traders will provide high-quality wood, often supplying products to large companies, restaurants, hotels and businesses that will not settle for second best.

Your trade retailer will also have the professional knowledge when it comes to looking after your real wood floor. Advice will be given on the best underlay and adhesives to use to lay your wood floor and on how to maintain it so that it stays as good as new.

If you think that trade price bespoke chevron flooring will look great in your house, contact us at Wholesale Wood Flooring today, or to see our range of real wood flooring, visit our website online.


Walnut Chevron engineered

Engineered Walnut chevron 20mm thick 6 mm of that is solid walnut with Lacquered finish 90mm wide 600 30 degree angle


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