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The Beauty and Elegance of Versailles Panels

The Elegance of Versailles Panels

The beauty and elegance of Versailles panels, also known as French panelling, are a type of decorative wall panelling that originated in the Palace of Versailles in France.These panels, which were popular during the Baroque period, feature intricate and ornate designs that showcase the opulence and grandeur of the palace.

Made from wood (Solid/Engineered) or plaster, Versailles panels are typically rectangular in shape and are installed in rows along the walls of a room. The panels may be plain or decorated with featuring plants, animals, and other motifs.

The beauty of Lounge area of a house that have basketweave Versailles panel

Versailles panel, wood, panel, wall panelling, floor

One of the most striking features of Versailles panels is their attention to detail. The intricate patterns and motifs used in the panelling, such as floral designs and ornamental scrolls, are carefully crafted and executed. This level of craftsmanship adds a sense of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Versailles panels are not only beautiful, but they are also practical. The wood panels can help to insulate a room, providing both warmth in the winter and cooler temperatures in the summer. In addition, the panels can help to reduce noise, making them ideal for use in busy or noisy areas.

If you are interested in adding a touch of French elegance to your home, consider incorporating Versailles panels into your decor. Whether you choose a classic look with carved wood panels or a more modern approach with plaster panels and a painted finish, these decorative wall coverings are sure to add beauty and style to any space.

The Beauty and Elegance of Versailles Panels can be laid in a square format with borderwork like basketweave in a matching colour out to the edges or laid in a Dimond pattern with no borders, depending on what suits the room.

Versailles panel, wood, panel , wall panelling, floor

Versailles panel, wood, panel, wall panelling, floor
























Do consider the colour and finish of the panels. Versailles panels are typically made from
wood, so you can choose from a variety of wood stains or paint colours. Consider the overall colour
scheme of your room and choose a finish that complements it. We now have stock of Versailles panels in oak 800 x 800 x 18/4 in a standard bordered basketweave in unfinished, invisible finish, brushed & UV oiled and smoked brushed & UV oiled. We also work with several factories that can manufacture Versailles panels in any standard size, species, and can include inlays of brass, silver, mother of pearl or marble, the delivery time is 8 – 10 weeks.

For more information on what type of Versailles panels we do please click here to see them : https://www.wholesalewoodflooring.co.uk/shop/wood/versaillis-panel-oak/