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What are Versailles Panels ?

Versailles Panels: What Are They?


Versailles panels what are they? beyond merely colours and wood kinds, there are a lot more options and variations in wood flooring than most people initially realise.

Simply by choosing a certain pattern or type of installation, you may make a place that is distinctive and fascinating.

The Versailles panels are another excellent alternative for home and business owners who want to do something creative and distinctive with their interior design, in addition to the often-used Herringbone and Chevron patterns.


                                             The background of the Versailles panels

The famed Palace of Versailles in France utilised Versailles panels to replace its outdated marble flooring in 1684, giving them their name. The wooden joists underneath the marble flooring rotted because of the regular cleaning required, so they were removed and replaced with this more durable option. Although throughout time it has become a popular option for commercial structures, notably hotels, restaurants, board rooms, and offices, it is still linked with luxury and extravagance due to its early usage and introduction into the world of interiors.


                                                   How do Versailles panels appear?

Versailles panels are squares that are kept together by what looks to be an interwoven mesh of wood strips the sized can be 600m x600mm, 800mm x 800mm or 1000mmx1000mm, they are pieces of flooring that are bounded to a multiply base all within a wood frame, as shown in the illustration below.

Bordered basket weave in 800mmx800mm x 20mm/4mm

‘Normal’ wood flooring boards have a single direction for the grain, both chevrons and herringbone Versailles panels feature grain that runs in at least four directions, whereas mansion weave only has grain that runs in two ways. It may be considered such an extravagant flooring design because of the increased complexity of the pattern and the shifting light reflections as you go around the floor.

The Versailles panel design framework may be used to create a variety of patterns, allowing you to design something unique for your area rather than being constrained by a single style.

This kind of flooring is best suited for usage in bigger areas and older buildings because of the detailed design.


                                          The Advantages of having a Versailles Panel

Apart from its apparent visual appeal, there are a lot of reasons why this kind of wood flooring can be a wonderful choice for you.

The Versailles panels Advantages:

  1. Seem opulent and sophisticated, adding to the allegiance of any environment.
  2. Fit excellently in larger, older homes since they have a traditional appearance.
  3. function well in broader areas where they can have a greater effect.
  4. Are distinctive; since they are uncommon in houses and other settings, they will undoubtedly make you stand out.

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