fidbox, underfloor heating

Wood flooring with underfloor heating

What Exactly is Fidbox?


Wood flooring with underfloor heating without it being sustained, can ruin the life span of your floor. This is where Fidbox comes in to save the day. A FidBox is a battery powered temperature and relative humidity monitor and data-log that is rebated within the underside of hardwood flooring. It logs the temperature and humidity measurements above and below the sensors over a six year period. The data saved can be accessed at any time through wireless transmission via your phone or tablet and enables you to view the temperature and amount of moisture in the subfloor and hardwood flooring.


Fidbox allows you to access data through your electronic device that can tell whether the moisture in that room is above or below the recommended range, so that you can adjust the underfloor heating temperature in that room so that cracks from too dry conditions do not happen this will increase the life of your hardwood floor. This information is not only relevant to the interior environment, but it is especially vital in the case of damage since it gives clear data of the temperatures of the underfloor heating and environmental conditions since the floor was installed this device is great installed with your wood flooring with underfloor heating.

Fidbox, moisture detector

Fidbox, moisture detector

The benefits of Fidbox and why you should have one installed when there is underfloor heating?

Fidbox offers accurate diagnostics and data when it is most required. It monitors the environment during, and after installation. Almost all problems with wood floors come from temperature or humidity changes.

Fidbox is a temperature and humidity sensor that is put directly beneath the flooring that way you can monitor if a room is too dry or has rapid changes in temperature so that you can adjust the heating and humidity so that it doesn’t damage the floor.

Fidbox provides you with proven, long-term data and continuous documentation of your building project. In the event of a complaint, Fidbox data can be utilised to work out what has gone wrong, and who is responsible.

Fidbox, moisture detector

Fidbox, moisture detector

How many Fidbox’s do you need to install?

It is recommended that a 1 Fidbox is for every 50 square metres.

Keep in mind that underfloor heating for any type of Solid wood is not suitable. Only Engineered wood.

If you would like to see what solid or engineered wood we do please help yourself through this link: Wood Flooring